Benefits Of Onsite Chair Massage In The Work Place

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Onsite chair massage is a type of a seated relaxation massage normally done in a special type of chair either at home or in the workplace.

The massage chair is unique, comfortable and ergonomically designed to support fully the head (in a forward position), leg, arms and torso allowing the massage practitioner to work on achy and tight parts of your body.

The massage chair is portable, easy to fold, and can be set up anywhere. The client remains fully clothed making this type of massage very convenient and eliminates the need for total privacy. Massage practitioners are professionally trained, insured and licensed.

They are trained in basic musculoskeletal physiology as well as massage techniques such as deep tissue, percussion, compression and Swedish techniques.

These practitioners use a combination of posture, body-weight and massage techniques to relieve muscle tension within a short period.

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